Those of you that know me know I am a water mammal.

I have surfed since I was twelve years old. I first visited Costa Rica in 1989 in search of the perfect wave. I am here now visiting with friends and looking at property to have a warm place to spend the winters. The basic process is the same as the states. You need a good bilingual attorney and a real estate professional who has lived here a while to work through the process. I have established relationships with both. Call me anytime to get more details.

Americans are attracted to Costa Rica for many reasons other than surfing. Sport fishing is the best in the world. Wild life and primary  rainforest bring people from all over the globe. Waterfalls and volcano s attract many tourist too. And you can fly from Pensacola and be here by 1:00. At 8 degrees above the equator , no hurricanes. Today is 29 January and its 85 degrees with the low 70 degrees.

Jonathan Haas of Nature Life Realty is an excellent resource for the pacific southern zone and has a great website. Tell him Ron sent you and checkout .